About Plasticos Pola

Our company was established in 1969 as the result of a constant search to offer to the market high-quality, cutting edge raw material with the purpose of satisfying the demand of the day. That was an era when globalization - as we understand it today - was nonexistent. Then, the economy was much more dependent on domestic market and competition was not a big issue. Later, in the nineties, not only the offering of supplies similar to ours arrived in our country, but also did finished products manufactured with our very same production line. This growth in competition was what made us redirect our path.

With a groundbreaking mindset and a vision aimed at the future, Plasticos Pola has stood out from the very start as a high performing company whose outstanding

customer service and continual contact with its clients have allowed the development of products and specific raw materials for each and every need.

In Plasticos Pola we are aware that quality is THE way to do our job, right from the beginning all the way to the very end.



Our goal is to introduce New and Improved products in addition to our

Customized items with desired specifications. Implementing the following processes:

                                    •  Lamination

                                    •  Printing

                                    •  Die cutting

                                    •  Slitting

                                    •  High Frequency

                                    •  Embossing

Besides our main process that is the manufacturing of Vinyl film through casting. 

Specific requirements

Plasticos   Pola completely fulfills norms and regulations in:

• ASTM Fire Standards

• ASTM   Standards for Electrical Protective Equipment and Occupational Protective   Footwear

• ASTM   Thermal Insulation; Building and Environmental Acoustics

• ASTM Plastics

• ASTM Electrical insulation

And the   equivalents for ISO, DIN, NOM and others. As well as Proposition 65 of OEHHA   and REACH.


Plasticos Pola is an expanded vinyl supported and unsupported manufacturer (PVC synthetic leather), which line of work is custom made production.

Speaking of the applications of our products, the list is endless; the diversity of industries we serve directly, and sometimes indirectly, increases our social responsibility and our commitment to maintain quality and innovation on an ongoing basis to meet the needs of our clients.

















What you can make with our products:

Agenda | Anti-vibration cushioning | Aprons | Banks bags | Bed frame | Belt | Bike seat | Bill folder | Binders | Body protection | Boxing gloves | Briefcase | Car bra| Cases | Chair & seat cover | Change purse | Coaster | Convertible top | Cosmetic case | Cubes (storage, wall, etc.) | Cushions | Desk articles | Desk pad | Dining room Furniture | Dust insulation | Elbow guard | Fender Blanket | Folders | Front end mask | Glasses case | Goalie gloves | Golf bag | Golf car | Gun belt and holster | Gym equipment | Handbags | Headboard | Hot tub cover | Insole lining | Jackets | Knee guard | Learning mat | Lining | Living room furniture | Mats | Mattress cover | Menu cover | Mouse pads | Office accessories | Ottoman | Pants tag | Photo frame | Punching bag | Punching ball | Saddlebags | Safety footwear | Seat cover | Shin guard | Ships | Shoe appliques | Soccer ball | Sofas | Sound insulation | Sports bag | Steering wheel cover | Thermal insulation | Toys | Trunk cover | Upholstery | Winter front and bug screen | Yoga mats

We look forward to hearing from you!

Plasticos Pola is always looking to grow, we encourage you to contact us and let us know your needs or comments.

Plasticos Pola Headquarters

Av. Dr. Gustavo Baz 117, Col. San Jeronimo Tepetlacalco, CP 54090, Edo. Mex., Mexico

Headquarters Phone +52 (55) 5360 3514 ext. 250

Plasticos Pola Corporate Headquarters


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